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Katy Concrete Washing
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Concrete Cleaning 101:

Concrete cleaning is an art in itself that only a few can master. We at Katy Pressure Washing have taken the time to research and analyze the proper ways to clean concrete so the results last a lot longer than some of the other so called pressure washing companies.

We at Katy Pressure Washing use only the top brand equipment to give you the lasting results you are looking for in a pressure washing and power washing company. With the right chemicals, and the perfect technique, we at Katy Pressure Washing can have your concrete looking its best in a short time.

Oil stains and rust stains are two of the hardest elements to remove from concrete. Once they enter the pores of the concrete, it is almost impossible to remove all of the stain completely. With the experience of Katy Pressure Washing, we have learned which products work well, and which products do not. Depend on us to remove those stubborn stains instead of wasting all your hard earned money on products that fail to get result.

Do you have tile, brick pavers, cool decking, or even travertine on your walkways, pool decks, or porches? Not to worry! Katy Pressure Washing is the company that takes the time and know how to correctly perform cleaning for these sensitive materials.

With a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Katy Pressure Washing is the company to depend on for all your exterior cleaning needs!


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